Entering the workforce after raising children may feel daunting for a stay at home mom, but it doesn’t have to.

Many hiring managers and HR representatives will question your skill set and/or commitment to work a full-time job. So, it’s crucial that you realize and address the objections that hiring managers have if you are looking for a job after staying home with kids. Improve your odds of landing a good job with the following tips for stay at home moms.

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Selectively Target Jobs that Fit You

Resist temptation to apply to every job you see online. Recruiters look for relevant keywords when they screen Resumes. If you’re applying for an Accounts Receivable Analyst job and you don’t have phrases such as accounts receivable, account reconciliation, and credit memos on your Resume, you won’t receive a call for an interview.

Consider using Niche Job Sites to narrow your focus on jobs where you have the relevant hard skills to perform the job. Drill down on relevant results by sorting and filtering your search queries. Also, try to prioritize the types of jobs that have the most openings.

Make Sure Your Skills are Up-to-Date

It’s a cliché that technology rapidly changes. Employers are skeptical that people who are looking for a job after raising children have the best skills. Scan positions of interest and note the required software skills. Contact a local community college or consider joining a Professional Association to brush up on your relevant skills.

If you left a field where a license and certifications are necessary, renew those before you look for a new job. For instance, healthcare professionals need the appropriate Healthcare Professional Designations to qualify for a given position. If you want a job after being a stay at home mom, your credentials must be up-to-date.

Connect with Employment Agencies

Many companies partner with Employment Agencies to hire people on a temporary-to-hire basis. This situation means that a company hires a person if he/she performs well during a trial phase (usually 90 days). These agencies frequently work with folks looking for a job after being a stay at home mom.

Hiring people this way greatly reduces the employer’s risk. If a temporary employee fails to perform well, an employer simply releases them back to the agency and without fear of unemployment insurance claims. Individuals must prove they can do the job before a company incurs health insurance and other benefits costs.

Staffing companies specialize in a wide variety of industries from accounting to transportation. If you’re looking for a job after raising children, temporary services can help you get on a career path.

Hire Professional Help If You Need It

Marketing yourself as a professional after years staying home with kids can be a real challenge. If you’re unsure how to showcase the most appealing aspects of your background, consider a professional Resume Service like JobStars for help marketing yourself.

Many people freeze when they’re asked difficult interview questions. When looking for a job after staying home with kids, you might not know what recruiters consider good answers. Career Coaching may offer insights into how hiring managers perceive certain responses.

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