Resume Distribution

Resume Distribution


Resume Distribution for entry through executive-level professionals. Your new Resume and an accompanying Recruiter Letter are emailed to 500 to 2,000+ recipients at staffing and search firms across the country. Sending your Resume to these search firms is a fast, convenient, and pain-free way to jump-start your job search. We also possess the ability to send your Resume to venture capital and private equity firms. This option is best for C-Suite leaders and entrepreneurial-minded professionals specifically targeting opportunities in the startup ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

After gathering information on your job title, industry, and seniority level we develop a Recruiter Letter that accompanies your Resume during send-off.

Alongside your Resume, this letter is emailed to approximately 500 to 2,000+ recipients at staffing and search firms across the country (or PE / VC firms).

Recipients are chosen based on relevancy as it pertains to your desired industry, occupation, and geographic location. After sendoff, you receive an MS Excel spreadsheet with a list of all the recipients and their contact information.

Search firms like Korn FerryHeidrick & Struggles, and Christian & Timbers are an intermediary between employers looking for talent and job seekers.

These firms help companies find qualified talent for a variety of roles across multiple industries, occupations, and experience levels.

Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) firms like 5 AM VenturesCVC Capital Partners, and Lexington Partners are on the cutting edge within the startup ecosystem.

These firms provide capital to startups and rapidly growing companies. These emerging companies are often seeking senior level managers to take the reins.

For most job seekers, sending your Resume to staffing and search firms is the default choice. Savvy recruiters are always looking for high quality candidates. This service sends your new Resume to individual Recruiters with hundreds of job vacancies to fill.

The VC & PE option is best for C-Suite leaders and senior level executives that seek to ‘pitch’ running a portfolio company or joining a company’s board. This option can also work for mid-level professionals.

After your documents are distributed, those parties interested in learning more about you will reach out directly. This outreach is usually a telephone call or email correspondence to make contact and setup time for discussion.

Results vary from person to person depending on many factors.

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