2nd Focus Resume

2nd Focus Resume


2nd Focus Resume for entry through executive-level professionals. Sometimes it’s helpful to have multiple versions. Ideal for job seekers with two or more desired job titles, for hyper-targeting your Resume to multiple focuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of reasons for needing multiple versions. Here are a couple scenarios where a 2nd Focus Resume comes in handy:

  • Technical Project Manager interested in Adjunct Professor jobs (on the side) needs two versions. One built for Technical Project Manager jobs, another for work in academia.
  • HR Generalist interested in both Employee Benefits Specialist and HR Generalist roles needs two versions. One targeting broad ranging HR duties, another focused on employee benefits.

2nd Focus Resume is prepared within 4 business day after completion of the client intake process. Add RUSH to your order for 2 business days turnaround time.

Prices vary by experience level, due to time and expertise requirements for each project.

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