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of all industries and experience levels.

JobStars USA provides 1-on-1 Resume Writing Services for entry through executive-level professionals across a broad range of  occupations and industries.

Resume Writing works best for motivated individuals that are ready to improve their job search marketability and competitiveness. Working with a Resume Writer means investing in yourself and tapping into the knowledge and resources of an expert that’ll help you put your best foot forward.

Resume Packages

Our full-service Resume Packages (BronzeSilver, and Gold) involve a full overhaul and redevelopment from scratch on a visually-appealing and ATS-friendly layout. These packages include a deep initial consultation as well as 30 days of unlimited revisions upon first draft delivery to ensure your satisfaction with the final product.

Bronze Package - Resume Writing - JobStars LLC
  • Professionally Written Resume

  • Optional Cover Letter

  • In-Depth Intake Consultation

  • 30 Days of Unlimited Revisions

  • ATS-Friendly Documents

  • Bronze Rate $495 – $895

Silver Package - JobStars Resume Writing
Gold Package - JobStars Resume Writing

Additional Services

Resume Refresh is a budget-friendly option for refining and improving your existing Resume. LinkedIn Optimization is a top-to-bottom service for building your LinkedIn profile. We develop expertly-written Professional Bios for use on business websites, personal websites, social site, and more.

Resume Refresh - JobStars Resume Writing and Career Coaching
LinkedIn Profile Optimization - JobStars USA
  • Overhaul Your LinkedIn Profile Content

  • Do it Yourself and Professional Options

  • LinkedIn Rate $250 – $495

Professional Bio - JobStars Resume Writing and Career Coaching
  • Expertly Written Professional Bio

  • 30 Days of Unlimited Revisions

  • Biography Rate $150 – $650


Virtual Client Portal in a Secure, Confidential Environment

JobStars Client Portal - Career Coaching

The client portal is a secure digital platform for gathering information, sharing files, and collaboration.

  • Direct correspondence with your Resume Writer.

  • Shared calendar with event reminders.

  • Downloadable worksheets, exercises, and guides.

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Specialty Resumes

We offer Curriculum Vitae (CV) for doctors, lawyers, scientists, professors, graduate students, and others coming from the world of academia. Federal Resume is a USAJOBS compliant service for preparing your Resume when applying for a job with the United States federal government.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) - Resume Writing Services - JobStars USA LLC
Federal Resume - Resume Writing Services - JobStars USA

Returning Customers

Our Resume Rework service is reserved for former JobStars USA clients to update a previously written Resume. 2nd Focus Resume is useful for creating an alternative version of your Resume specifically geared toward a particular job title or industry specialization.

Resume Rework - JobStars Resume Writing Services
2nd Focus Resume - JobStars USA
  • Alternative Version of Your Primary Resume

  • Unlimited Revisions for 30 Days

  • 2nd Focus Rate $50 – $295


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Resume Packages are designed for a line-by-line redevelopment from scratch. This requires delving into your work history and focusing on the development of new content to highlight your career progression and achievements.

These full-service packages feature a deep consultation and unlimited revisions for a 30-day period after first draft delivery to work through as many edits, questions, and fine-tuning as necessary.

Resume Refresh is our most economical service for enhancing the visual presentation of your Resume.

Rather than doing a line-by-line rewrite, we take what you have and improve upon it. This involves re-purposing your existing content (summary, job descriptions, achievements, etc.) on an ATS-friendly and visually appealing format.

Yes, for all of our Resume Writing Services, a telephone intake call is a standard part of the client intake process to better understand your needs prior to first draft development.

Generally speaking, a narrowly targeted Resume performs best. Knowing your desired job title, industry, and seniority level is helpful for narrowing your focus. If your focus isn’t crystal clear, that’s okay. We’ll assess your situation during the intake process and make recommendations on how to approach things.

Sometimes building one ‘master version’ that satisfies multiple targets is best. Other times, multiple divergent targets can’t be reconciled. We offer 2nd Focus Resume when a second version is called for.

Our most affordably priced service is Resume Refresh which starts at $250 for professionals.

The full-service Resume Packages range from $500 to $1,600 depending on several factors.

Our pricing is structured to reflect a reasonable $75 per hour standard.

For instance, the Bronze package requires approximately 6-12 hours of development time. This involves a full client consultation, document creation, rush service (optional), revisions, and support.

All rates are posted here on the website. Please visit your desired service page to see exact pricing.

Here are three fictitious samples prepared to provide a visual representation of what we aim for.

We maintain a small library of carefully crafted Resume formats designed for satisfying human readers and applicant tracking systems alike. During the resume writing process we create bespoke content and use format variations to ensure no two projects come out exactly alike.

LinkedIn™ Optimization is a top-to-bottom service for building the strongest possible profile using all the components of your LinkedIn profile. This includes developing an opening summary, individual job descriptions, long-form projects, and more.

LinkedIn is a widely used platform among hiring managers and recruiters. You’ll want a strong LinkedIn profile that works in tandem with your Resume and accurately communicates your level of seniority and industry specialization.

We create bespoke content for your LinkedIn™ profile (DIY) on a MS Word document. Unlimited revisions are included for 30-days to ensure your complete satisfaction with your LinkedIn profile content before it goes live.

For an additional charge, we offer a service for performing the work of optimizing your LinkedIn™ profile (PRO) on your behalf. Please read the following FAQ for a closer look at the differences between DIY & PRO for LinkedIn.

Resume Distribution is a service for emailing your Resume and an accompanying Recruiter Letter to 500 to 2,000+ recipients at staffing and search firms across the country. Sending your Resume to these search firms is a fast, convenient, and pain-free way to jump-start your job search.

Search firms like Korn Ferry, Heidrick & Struggles, and Christian & Timbers are an intermediary between employers looking for talent and job seekers. These firms help companies find qualified talent for a variety of roles across multiple industries, occupations, and experience levels.

We also possess the ability to send your Resume to venture capital and private equity firms. This option is best for C-Suite leaders and entrepreneurial-minded professionals specifically targeting opportunities in the startup ecosystem.

Resume Distribution is part of the Gold Package or may be purchased individually.

Typically, in the US, a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is reserved for professionals with extensive and/or specialized academic training. This includes college professors, PhD students, judges, scientists, medical doctors, and more.

A USAJobs-compliant Federal Resume is needed for applying to job announcements within the United States federal government.

This includes, but is not limited to: Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Commerce, Dept of Defense, Dept of Education, Dept of Energy, US Armed Forces (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard), and related government agencies.

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