JobStars Resume Writing Services and Career Coaching

JobStars USA is a career services practice serving job seekers of all industries and experience levels. Simply put, Resume Writing and Career Coaching are our bread and butter!

JobStars USA provides Resume Writing and Career Coaching for job seekers of all industries & experience levels.

Resume Writing

We build Resumes with an emphasis on both substance and presentation. Your new Resume is developed from scratch to align with your goals on a visually appealing and ATS-compliant format.

Career Coaching

Whether you’re making a career change, exploring new paths, or prepping for a job interview – we can help. Bolster your career efforts with our mock interview prep and making a career change programs involving a dedicated Career Coach.

Service Area

JobStars USA serves professionals in the local service area (Chicagoland), nationwide, and globally to those eligible for employment in the United States, US territories, and Canada.

Outplacement Services

Preserve your employer brand and meet financial goals when layoffs are unavoidable with JobStars Outplacement, a totally virtual solution for B2B career transition services.

About JobStars’ Owner

Doug Levin is the Owner and Operator of JobStars USA LLC.

He is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach with a decade of experience in the career services industry.

“My daily commitment is ensuring the delivery of top-notch services for every valued JobStars USA client.” – Doug Levin, Founder, Owner, and Operator
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