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Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering top-notch career services for professionals of all industries and experience levels. This means helping individuals improve their job search marketability, enhance their competitiveness, and communicate the right message to employers.

Career Services

We provide expert Resume Writing with an emphasis on both substance and presentation. Whether you’re making a career change, exploring new paths, or prepping for a job interview our Career Coaching involves working one-on-one with a dedicated Career Coach.

Owner of JobStars USA

Doug Levin, MBAOwner and Operator
Doug is a small business owner and the lead practitioner of JobStars USA LLC. He is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Career Coach (CPCC) with 10,000+ hours as a practicing Resume Writer serving job seekers across all experience levels, industries, and occupations.

Allow me to personally thank you for visiting my website and taking time to learn more about my business JobStars USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Read Customer Reviews?2022-10-04T21:07:26+00:00

Please visit our Customer Reviews page to read BBB testimonials from former JobStars USA clients.

What is JobStars USA?2022-08-12T17:05:29+00:00

JobStars USA is a career services practice in the business of helping job seekers achieve their career goals. This involves engaging in the delivery of Resume Writing and Career Coaching services for individual professionals.

Download: JobStars Menu of Services (PDF)


How Do We Protect Client Information?2022-08-10T18:51:18+00:00

JobStars USA is dedicated to safeguarding personally identifiable and sensitive client information. Please see our Customer Privacy Policy for a detailed breakdown on what information we collect, how we use it, and how it is stored.

What Are the Rates?2023-01-08T03:06:54+00:00

Resume Writing

For help with your Resume – our services are offered at a few different price points.

Our most affordably priced service (Resume Refresh) starts at $250 for professionals. Our full-service Resume Packages range from $500 to $1,600 (depending on several factors). For exact pricing, please visit the service page and scroll below the FAQs to make your selections and see pricing.

Career Coaching

We offer two different Career Coaching programs at the $495 price point as well as individual A La Carte Sessions for $150.

View Rates

All rates are posted here on the JobStars website. Please visit your desired service page to see exact pricing.

Who Do We Serve?2022-10-19T19:57:09+00:00

JobStars USA serves individual job seekers including entry-level through executive-level professionals across a broad range of industries and occupations. We help professionals in the local service area (Chicagoland), nationwide, and globally to those eligible for employment in the US, US territories, and Canada.

Here are some examples of recently served clients.

* Job Title | Seniority Level | Industry | Geographic Region

  • Sales and Business Development Executive | Management | SaaS and Technology | Austin, TX
  • Maintenance and Warehousing Associate | Professional | No Industry Specialization | Philadelphia, PA
  • Mechanical Engineer | Management | Defense and Space Manufacturing | San Francisco, CA
  • Chief Executive Officer | C-Suite | Energy and Utilities | Salt Lake City, UT
  • VP of Internal Audits | Management | Banking | Chicago, IL
  • Marketing Associate | Professional | Ad Agencies | New York, NY
  • Operations Manager | Management | Healthcare | Miami, FL
  • VP of Marketing | Management | Consumer Packaged Goods | New York, NY
  • Sales Manager | Management | SaaS and Technology | Chicago, IL
  • Director of Global Logistics | Management | Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing | Seattle, WA
  • Project Manager | Management | Construction | Chicago, IL
  • Senior Business Analyst | Management | Fintech | San Francisco, CA
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Manager | Management | eCommerce | Miami, FL
  • Lead Pastor | Management | Theology | Chicago, IL
  • Senior Tax Analyst | Management | Banking | Chicago, IL
  • Business Analyst | Professional | Oil and Gas | Dubai, UAE
  • Agriculture Technician | Professional | Agriculture | Indianapolis, IN
  • Supervisory Intelligence Research Specialist | GS 13-15 (Federal) | Criminal Justice | Los Angeles, CA
  • Sales and Business Development Manager | Management | Healthcare | Minneapolis, MN
  • Chief Intelligence Officer | GS 13-15 (Federal) | Criminal Justice | San Francisco, CA
  • VP of Analytics | Management | Fintech | Boston, MA
  • Director of Environmental Policy | Management | Science | Washington, DC
  • VP of Marketing and Strategy | Management | Sports and Entertainment | Cleveland, OH
  • Human Resources Manager | GS 13-15 (Federal) | Healthcare | Baltimore, MD
  • Chief Operating Officer | C-Suite | Real Estate | Chicago, IL
  • In-House Counsel | Professional | Legal Services | Chicago, IL
  • Human Resources Business Partner | Professional | Retail | Denver, CO
  • VP of Product Development | Management | Consumer Packaged Goods | Chicago, IL
  • Associate Director for Regulatory Affairs | GS 13-15 (Federal) | Government Administration | Washington, DC
  • Senior Director of Labor Relations | Management | Aerospace and Aviation | Dallas, TX
  • Senior Director of Engineering | Management | Telecommunications | Philadelphia, PA
  • Technical Product Manager | Management | Computer Software | Minneapolis, MN
  • Park Ranger | GS 8-12 (Federal) | Wildlife and Parks | Flagstaff, AZ
  • Change Management Consultant | Management | Fintech | Columbus, OH
  • VP of Manufacturing Engineering | Management | Transportation | Seattle, WA
  • Director of HR | Management | Technology and SaaS | Charlotte, NC
Is JobStars USA an Employment Agency?2022-08-10T18:23:49+00:00

No. We are exclusively a career services practice that provides Resume Writing and Career Coaching for individual job seekers. To find employment agencies by industry try using our popular List of Employment Agencies.

What Are the Client Terms?2022-09-30T21:37:11+00:00

Please see our participation terms and conditions for more information relevant to paying clients.

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