Brand Ambassadorship Program - JobStars Resume Writing ServicesRewards for JobStars USA Clients

The Brand Ambassadorship Program is a recognition and rewards program for our valued former clients.

As a former client, you are uniquely qualified to provide insights into your experience working with JobStars.

Sharing the details of your experience as a JobStars USA client by leaving online reviews and through word-of-mouth creates a ripple effect for the business. Valued ex-clients turned loyal brand ambassadors like you deserve to be rewarded for sharing your experience. Special offer exclusively for former JobStars USA clients!

Collect 3 Points to Earn

How was your experience as a JobStars USA client? Tell your friends and post an online review to earn a award through our brand ambassador program.

  • 2 points = Refer a Friend to JobStars
  • 1 point = Post a Review on Yelp or BBB

Write an online review (1 pt) + refer a friend (2 pts) = 3 points

Select Your Reward

3 points earns you any one selection from below:

Brand Ambassadorship - Registration

As a valued brand ambassador, please complete the form to make your rewards selection.