RE: Message From the Owner for 2022Doug Levin - JobStars USA Owner - JobStars USA LLC

Dear JobStars USA Website Visitor,

Thanks for reading this message from the owner. Please allow me to personally “thank you” for visiting my website and taking time to learn more about JobStars USA, an independently owned and operated career services practice dedicated to helping job seekers achieve their job search goals.

I recognize that job seeking tends to be a time-consuming and potentially frustrating process. In today’s highly competitive and digital-first landscape, many professionals (regardless of their qualifications) find it incredibly difficult cutting through the noise and actually landing desirable job interviews.

At JobStars USA, we offer a range of services to help. This includes developing ATS-friendly and visually appealing Resumes, Cover Letters, and Professional Bios. The popular LinkedIn Optimization service is designed to holistically compliment your new Resume by improving your digital footprint. Our 2nd Focus Resume is a bespoke option for creating multiple Resume versions for each of your targets.

Presently, I run the day-to-day operations and serve as the Lead Practitioner in developing interview-winning documents for job seekers. As a versatile and knowledgeable Resume Writer with 10,000 hours under my belt, I am well-versed in serving entry through executive-level professionals across a broad range of industries. I employ a robust process for developing interview-winning documents which includes an in-depth client intake process as well as a revisions process for fine-tuning and refinements.

A cornerstone value of my company summed up in one word is excellence. From developing your new Resume and LinkedIn profile, to posting articles on the Job Seekers Blog, to building this entire business, I strive for excellence in everything that I engage in.

I sincerely appreciate that you have taken time for this owner’s message and to learn about JobStars USA. Now, I am interested in learning more about your job search objectives and where you need the most help. I am happy to review your current Resume (no charge) or we can setup a time to talk.

Feel free to contact me at (312) 788-9686 or use the Contact Us form. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Best Regards,

Doug Levin, Founder, Owner, and Operator – JobStars USA LLC