Making a Career Change


Making a Career Change for entry through executive level professionals. This program is designed for doing introspective work to map your skills and interests to potential career paths. If your career is in flux – whether it’s the occupation or industry you’re in – partnering with an expert Career Coach offers fresh perspective and a knowledgeable approach to making a change. This program includes two top career assessments DISCstyles™ Self Report and Keirsey™ Career Temperament Report to support the process of identifying a new target and making a career change.


Frequently Asked Questions

This program offers a combination of emotional support, practical guidance, and a greater sense of accountability in making a successful transition. We do not use rigid road-maps, this is a 1-on-1 program designed to offer practical advice specifically for you.

Intake Process

The client intake process begins with an online introductory assessment to provide more information regarding your career transition. After that, a 20-min intake session is scheduled to connect with your Career Coach prior to beginning your program.


Upon completion of the client intake process, you will be asked to complete both the DISCstyles™ Self Report and Keirsey™ Career Temperament Report.

Coaching Sessions

Making a Career Change includes three 50-min coaching sessions. This program is designed to help you understand your individual strengths, weaknesses, values, and motivations as it pertains to identifying rewarding and uplifting career paths. This program is also designed to set you on a path towards executing on making a successful change.

Logistics and Timing

This program is hosted within our dedicated client portal. Phone sessions are conducted on a recorded, confidential phone line. We also use Zoom video conferencing as needed. Generally recommended is a one-week interval between each session. This may go faster or slower, based on your needs and availability.

The Keirsey™ Career Temperament Report ($95 value) assists career professionals, job seekers, and students with career exploration. Report includes expert advice on career options, tips on communication, and insight on navigating the job market based on personality type. This information is particularly beneficial when aligning career choices with your innate strengths and preferences.

Here is a sample completed Keirsey Career Temperament Report.

DISCstyles™ Self Report ($95 value) is a self assessment for understanding your personal style. It identifies ways you can apply your personal strengths. JobStars USA is an Authorized DISC Administrator™.

Here is a sample Completed DISCstyles Self Report.

We primarily use telephone calls as the primary communication method for this program. This allows both the coach and client to focus on the conversation and task at-hand. We’re happy to accommodate video session requests if preferred.

Full sessions are 50 minutes each. The initial intake session is 20 minutes.

Making a Career Change includes full access to a library of career exercises, guides, and worksheets. The following resources are available for download in the client portal.

Job Search Guides

  • Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Guide to Behavioral Interviewing
  • Guide to Cover Letters
  • Guide to Facing Unemployment
  • Guide to LinkedIn Settings
  • Guide to Networking
  • Guide to Professional References
  • Guide to Quitting Your Job
  • Guide to Salary Negotiation
  • Guide to Working With Recruiters

Career Discovery Worksheets & Exercises

  • Career Discovery Pondering Questions
  • Career Values Identification Workbook
  • Researching Occupations Exercise

Goal Setting Worksheets & Exercises

  • 3 Month Vision Worksheet
  • Annual Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Rocking Chair Life Visioning Exercise
  • SMART Goal Setting Exercise
  • Understanding The Why of Your Goals
  • Wacky Wild Goal Brainstorming

Job Search Worksheets & Exercises

  • Company Target List Worksheet
  • Job Search Fundamentals Checklist
  • Job Search Tracker (excel)
  • Monthly Goals Worksheet
  • Requesting an Informational Interview

Self Improvement Worksheets & Exercises

  • Boost Your Strengths Exercise
  • Weakness Zapper

Self Reflection Worksheets & Exercises

  • 360 Feedback Exercise
  • Find Your Hidden Treasure
  • Get Perspective Worksheet
  • Job Focus Grid
  • Personal SWOT Exercise
  • Sample Values List
  • Top 10 Cognitive Distortions

Interviewing Worksheets & Exercises

  • Elevator Pitch
  • Interview Cheat Sheet
  • Interview Recap Worksheet
  • Interview Script

Correspondence allows you to keep the conversation going for 30-days after your final session concludes. Write out your thoughts, comments, and questions in a private message to your Career Coach. Please allow 1 business day turnaround time for replies.

Yes. Nights and weekends are available upon request and availability.

For additional time with your Career Coach after the program ends you may purchase single A La Carte Sessions which are full 50-minute sessions as needed.

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