LinkedIn™ Optimization

LinkedIn™ Optimization


LinkedIn™ Optimization for entry through executive-level professionals. Compliment your Resume with a strong LinkedIn profile that reinforces your professional image. Specify your occupation and industry preferences and get found by interested Recruiters. This is a full overhaul and redevelopment of your LinkedIn profile from top to bottom to ensure optimal visual aesthetics and proper categorization of all your information for keyword / search results. Doug Levin is your partner from start to finish. He is a general practitioner with nearly 10 years of Resume Writing experience and a demonstrated mastery for helping entry through executive-level job seekers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intake Process

Log into the client portal and complete the LinkedIn Optimization questionnaire. After that, a brief phone consultation is scheduled to discuss your project.

Profile Overhaul

During the questionnaire process you are prompted to setup a temporary password and email address for accessing your LinkedIn profile account. Your profile is then overhauled and updated to align with your professional brand. Skills and keywords are added to your profile so you appear in more search results.

Profile Revisions

You have a 15-day window for edits and revisions after your profile is overhauled to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final profile.

Final Steps

PDF copies of your old and new LinkedIn profile are delivered along with tips for making the most of your updated profile.

Most hiring managers and recruiters spend a good portion of time on LinkedIn. You need to make sure your LinkedIn profile is on-point when they click on your profile.

LinkedIn is also an incredible resource for savvy job seekers to discover new opportunities, make new connections, and grow your knowledge.

LinkedIn Optimization is completed within 4 business day after completion of the client intake process. Add RUSH to your order for 2 business days turnaround time.

Prices vary by experience level, due to time and expertise requirements required for completing each project.


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