Resume Refresh

Resume Refresh


Resume Refresh for entry through executive-level professionals. We’ll take your current Resume, find ways to improve it, and make those changes. Designed as an economical solution for professional assistance with improving your self-written Resume. Need more than a refresh? Visit our Resume Packages for a full overhaul.

Included in Resume Refresh

  • Professionally Refreshed Resume
  • 15-Minute Phone Consultation (w/ Doug Levin)
  • One Set of Draft Revisions Allowed
  • Final Docs in Word & PDF

Resume Refresh FAQs

Rather than building a new Resume from scratch, we take what you’ve already got and try to make it better than it was. We look for opportunities to improve your existing Resume. This may be achieved by proofreading and fine-tuning the existing content, layout reformatting, and generally giving it a professional touch.

Resume Refresh was introduced as a discounted service for re-purposing your existing Resume. This service is not a deep dive or full overhaul. This is an abbreviated service – allowing for one (1) round of draft edits/revisions.

Here is the official audio description for Resume Refresh.


First, place your order on the website. Then, log into the client portal to complete the introductory questionnaire. Thereafter, a brief introductory phone call is scheduled.

Refreshed drafts are ready within five (5) business days after the intake phone call. Adding RUSH cuts the turnaround time to three (3) business days.

One round of revisions is included for notes or questions. Final versions of your Resume are prepared in MS Word and PDF format.

Resume Refresh is designed for improving your existing Resume, whereas the Resume Packages are a full redevelopment from scratch. This means an in-depth consultation, line-by-line rewrite, and 30 days of unlimited draft edits and revisions.

Resume Refresh offers good value for getting professional assistance on a budget – however – it’s not to be mistaken with the full-service Resume Packages. Here is a comparison of the key differentiation points:


  • In-Depth Consultation
  • Redo from Scratch
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Cover Letter Included


  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X


In addition to providing a copy of your current Resume, you may complete the introductory questionnaire to include information on the new jobs to add to your document.

Yes, one 15-minute intake phone call is included in this process.

Rates vary by seniority level and timeline. Please see the drop down menus below FAQ (on this page) to make your selections.

Do it Yourself (DIY)

DIY means doing the LinkedIn profile updates yourself.

We create all the content for your new LinkedIn™ profile on a helpful DIY worksheet. Simply copy and paste the professionally written content from the DIY worksheet onto your profile in the appropriate categories. Great option if you’re confident in your ability to optimize your LinkedIn profile without professional assistance.

Professional (Pro)

Pro means we do the LinkedIn profile updates for you.

In addition to preparing the content for your profile, we perform the work of optimizing your LinkedIn™ profile. This process requires providing a temporary password and granting access to your profile account.. Great option if you’re unfamiliar with the inner-workings of how to properly optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Yes, it saves time and ensures top quality.

Optimization requires populating your profile with quality content in the appropriate categories. It means scrupulously ensuring consistency and strong visual appeal. It means adding enough skills and the proper keywords to add depth and substance.

However, you can totally do it yourself too! We provide the content for your LinkedIn profile on a helpful worksheet, along with links and tips for doing it yourself.

Send a contact us message with questions.