Bronze Resume Package

Bronze Resume Package


Resume Writing for entry through executive-level professionals across all industries. Your new Resume and supporting documents are prepared on a reader-friendly and ATS-friendly layout. Copies are uploaded into the client portal within 5 business days post-completion of the client intake process. The process includes Unlimited Revisions for 30-days to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final documents.

Included in the Bronze Package

Bronze Package FAQs

Building your new Resume requires effective information gathering and collaboration for an end-product that feels genuine and authentic. The client intake process helps to gather information on important variables like your desired job title and industry. The intake process consists of an introductory questionnaire and a telephone call.

After completion of the intake process, your first drafts are prepared and uploaded into the client portal within 5 business days. You may request 30 days of draft revisions to ensure full satisfaction. Final documents are prepared in both MS Word and PDF along with additional information and resources to make the most of your new Resume.

We pledge to deliver on the following timelines:

  • First drafts delivered in 5 business days (after completion of intake process)
  • All draft revisions delivered in 3 business days (per each round)

In general, the Resume Writing process typically lasts from 10 to 30 business days (start to finish). This timeline takes into consideration completion of the introductory questionnaire, telephone intake call, first draft development, draft revisions (up to 30 days), and preparation of final proofed copies.

Yes, an in-depth phone consultation is a standard part of the client intake process. The process is designed to get a better understanding of your needs prior to first draft development.

Unlimited Revisions allow for draft edits, revisions, and questions for a period of 30-days after receiving your first drafts. We do our very best to get your new documents right on the first try. However, your input is incredibly valuable to building documents that you’re happy with and confident in. This is why your helpful and productive comments and questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Please allow three business days turnaround time for each set of draft revisions.

RUSH cuts your wait time for first drafts down to 2 business days (normally 5 business days). Draft revisions are also expedited with 1 business day turnaround (normally 3 business days). These timelines require completion of the client intake process (online introductory questionnaire and telephone consultation).

Rates vary based on seniority level. This is a fairly good indicator for how time consuming and complex a project typically is. Please select the level that most appropriately describes your experience and career profile.

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