Bronze Resume Package

Bronze Resume Package


Resume Writing for entry through executive-level professionals. Our in-depth intake process is designed to gather more information on your past, present, and future. After intake, your new documents are created from scratch on a reader-friendly and ATS-compliant format. Copies are emailed within 5 business days and you have a 30-day window for revisions to ensure satisfaction. Doug Levin is your partner from start to finish. He is a general practitioner with nearly 10 years of Resume Writing experience and a demonstrated mastery for helping entry through executive-level job seekers.


Frequently Asked Questions

We pledge to deliver on the following timelines:

  • First drafts delivered in 5 business days (after completion of intake process)
  • All draft revisions delivered in 3 business days (per each round)

In general, the Resume Writing process typically lasts from 10 to 30 business days (start to finish). This timeline takes into consideration completion of the introductory questionnaire, telephone intake call, first draft development, draft revisions (up to 30 days), and preparation of final proofed copies.

Full Rewrite

Your new Resume (and supporting documents) are prepared from scratch on an ATS-friendly format. The intake process is designed to gather key information, identify your focus, understand your key selling points, and build new documents to align with your objectives.

Intake Process

Log into the dedicated client portal to complete the introductory Resume questionnaire. Your telephone intake call is scheduled after completion of the introductory questionnaire. This is a 30-60 minute in-depth phone call on a recorded conference line. The goal of this process is to breakdown your experience and objectives in-depth.

Draft Revisions

Your first drafts are prepared and deliver from scratch in 5 business days. You may request 30 days of draft revisions to ensure your full satisfaction with the final documents. Please allow 3 business days turnaround for each round of revisions. The resume writing process is an interactive one. Client participation is welcome and encouraged.

Final Steps

Your final documents are delivered via email (MS Word & PDF) along with instructions and resources to make the most of your new Resume.

Yes, a 30-60 minute phone call is a standard part of the intake process so that we can really understand your needs and figure out how to position you as a marketable job seeker.

You have a 30-day window after receiving first drafts to ask questions and request as many changes as you’d like to ensure you’re fully satisfied with your new documents.

Cut your wait time from 5 business days to 2 business days (Resume draft) by adding RUSH to your order. This timeline requires completion of the client intake process (questionnaire + intake call).

  • RUSH = 2 business days (1st draft), 1 business day (revisions)
  • No RUSH = 5 business days (1st draft), 3 business days (revisions)

Prices vary by experience level, due to time and expertise requirements for each project. Johnny, a 22-year old recent college graduate pays less than Sally, a senior manager with 15 years of experience.

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