Keirsey™ Career Temperament

Keirsey™ Career Temperament


Keirsey™ Career Temperament assists career professionals, job seekers, and students with career exploration. This report is intended to help you align your career choices with your innate strengths and preferences.

  • JobStars is a Keirsey Administrator™ of the well-known Temperament and Careers report.
  • Report includes expert advice on career options, tips on communication, and insight on navigating the job market based on their personality type.



  • Log into the client portal to access the assessment link and code.
  • Complete the 70-question Career Temperament Report at your leisure.
  • You will immediately and automatically receive your report results afterward.

Checkout Instructions

  • Select appropriate experience level.
  • Add ‘report briefing’ for a 30-minute phone session with a JobStars Career Coach for help interpreting the results.
  • Entry = 0-2 yrs │ Professional = 2+ yrs │ Management = Director, Senior, Vice President │ Executive = President, C-Suite (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CMO).
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