Resume Rework

Resume Rework


Resume Rework is exclusively for former customers to update their previously written Resume, without having to purchase an entirely new package. Great for touch-ups and making additions to a previously written Resume by JobStars!

  • Retool your focus, add new jobs, and update your achievements.
  • Service reserved for returning clients of JobStars (within 3 years).

How it Works

  • Login to the client portal to access the introductory questionnaire.
  • Schedule your telephone intake call (15-30 min) after questionnaire.
  • Receive your reworked Resume within four business days.
  • Ask questions or request revisions for up to 15 business days.


  • 15-30-minute telephone consultation with your Resume Writer.
  • Final copies delivered in MS Word & PDF format.

Checkout Instructions

  • Select appropriate experience level.
  • Entry = 0-2 yrs │ Professional = 2+ yrs │ Management = Director, Senior, Vice President │ Executive = President, C-Suite (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CMO).
  • Add RUSH for 50% faster service (standard timeline is 4 business days).

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