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Cover Letter


Cover Letter for entry through executive-level professionals. Your Cover Letter compliments your Resume in communicating how you’re qualified and why you’re a perfect fit for the job. This includes recapping your skills and expertise as well as sharing key contextual information like your salary requirements, relocation plans, or career change plans. Prepared in MS Word in first person tense.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, you’re asked to complete a short, online introductory questionnaire to provide more information on your Cover Letter needs and desired job target. Shortly thereafter, a 15-minute call is arranged to discuss your project.

Upon completion of this intake process, your first draft is ready within five business days and a 30-day window exists for edits and revisions. All draft revisions are responded to within three business days.

Yes, if you already have a quality Resume and you need help putting together a complimentary Cover Letter that takes your application to the next level.

However, if you need more help than simply building a customized Cover Letter – please visit the Resume Writing homepage for an overview on our resume services.

Yes. After receiving the first draft of your new Cover Letter, you have a 30-day window to request edits and revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Unlimited Revisions applies to the development of a single master version of your Cover Letter. This is based on your choice between building a multi-use document or gearing it for a single specific job announcement.

Unlimited Revisions are not intended to serve the purpose of customizing your Cover Letter for multiple job postings. In this case, customization is your own responsibility.

Yes. If you already have a strong Resume and simply need help drafting an effective Cover Letter, this is the service for you.

Including a targeted Cover Letter when applying to a job tells employers that you’re serious. It shows your willingness to invest time and energy into preparing a customized letter. This could be what separates you from the crowd. Plus, most companies still ask for a Cover Letter during the normal application process.

For a deeper explanation, see our article on the Importance of Cover Letters for Job Search Success.

Generally speaking, the Cover Letter is prepared as a multi-use document that is adjustable for use on multiple job applications. If preferred, your Cover Letter may be prepared as a narrowly targeted, single-use document aimed at one specific job announcement. You may decide which approach best fits your needs.

Your first Cover Letter draft is normally delivered within five business days. Adding rush service to your order means first draft delivery within two business days.

Please bear in mind, this timeline requires your participation in completing the client intake process (online introductory questionnaire and telephone consultation).

This service includes full access to our entire library of exercises, guides, and worksheets which are free for you to download within the client portal.

Job Search Guides

  • Guide to Accessing the Hidden Job Market
  • Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Guide to Behavioral Interviewing
  • Guide to Cover Letters
  • Guide to Customizing Your Resume
  • Guide to Facing Unemployment
  • Guide to Job Search After Age 50
  • Guide to Job Search Letters (Letters of Acceptance, Refusal, and Resignation)
  • Guide to Networking
  • Guide to Professional References
  • Guide to Quitting Your Job
  • Guide to Salary Negotiation
  • Guide to Understanding Salary Transparency Laws
  • Guide to Working With Recruiters

Career Discovery Worksheets & Exercises

  • Career Discovery Pondering Questions
  • Career Values Identification Workbook
  • Researching Occupations Exercise

Goal Setting Worksheets & Exercises

  • 3 Month Vision Worksheet
  • Annual Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Rocking Chair Life Visioning Exercise
  • SMART Goal Setting Exercise
  • Understanding The Why of Your Goals
  • Wacky Wild Goal Brainstorming

Interviewing Worksheets & Exercises

  • Elevator Pitch
  • Interview Cheat Sheet
  • Interview Recap Worksheet
  • Interview Script

Job Search Worksheets & Exercises

  • Company Target List Worksheet
  • Job Search Fundamentals Checklist
  • Job Search Tracker (excel)
  • Monthly Goals Worksheet
  • Requesting an Informational Interview

Self Improvement Worksheets & Exercises

  • Boost Your Strengths Exercise
  • Weakness Zapper

Self Reflection Worksheets & Exercises

  • 360 Feedback Exercise
  • Find Your Hidden Treasure
  • Get Perspective Worksheet
  • Job Focus Grid
  • Personal SWOT Exercise
  • Sample Values List
  • Top 10 Cognitive Distortions

Cover Letter ranges from $95 to $295 (depending on multiple factors). Please make your selections from the dropdowns below the FAQs to see exact pricing.

The price you see is the price you pay; no sales tax or hidden fees.

Rates vary based on seniority level. This is a fairly good indicator for how time consuming and complex a project typically is. Please select the level that most appropriately describes your experience and career profile.

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