Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter for entry through executive-level professionals. Designed for reinforcing your interest in a given job opportunity and demonstrating your fitness for the position. Communicate your plans for making a positive impact within their organization. Your new Thank You Letter is a functional template requiring tweaks to ensure customization. Prepared as a MS Word document in first-person tense. Thank You Letter is included in all Resume Packages (not for sale A La Carte).

Frequently Asked Questions

Sending a customized Thank You Letter after an interview shows that you’re serious. Reinforcing interest in the job opportunity and staying top of mind may very well boost your chances of getting that job offer.

Plus, most hiring managers expect a Thank You Letter, so why not send one?

Yes! After receiving the first draft of your new Thank You Letter, you have a 30-day window to request edits and revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction.


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