Resume Tips for Recent GradsResume Tips for Recent Grads.

Building a resume when you are a recent college graduate can be a daunting task.  If you’re like most recent grads, you have little or no professional experience to list on your resume and aside from summer internships or volunteering. Here are some tips and tricks for writing your resume:

1) Introduce Yourself – Utilize an objective statement to position yourself as a knowledgeable and experienced asset for that organization. Often times a resume only gets 10-15 seconds to make an impression; a well-crafted objective statement goes a long way towards getting noticed.

2) Use an Appropriate Email Address: Don’t use your personal email!  Hiring managers might second guess reaching out to a potential employee whose email address is unprofessional. Consider creating a separate email account with a professional username specifically for your job search.

3) Quantify Your Experience: Make a financial case to the hiring manager as to how your employment can positively affect that company’s bottom line. Use quantifiable data pieces ($, %) to provide context in describing achievements and experience.

4) Load Your Resume with Industry Terms – Look to incorporate as many industry terms as possible into your resume. Review employer job postings in your preferred industry and incorporate relevant key terms into your resume.

5) Tell the Truth– Avoid misleading information and lies. Entry level applicants and recent grads might be tempted to beef up their resume because of insecurities over a lack of work experience, but you’re better off not embellishing.

6) Go the Extra Mile – Make your resume stand out from the crowd. You only have one shot at a first impression. You can really impress by printing on special resume paper. Make it eye-catching, crisp, and clean – aim for that “wow” factor.

7) Don’t Forget a Cover Letter – Make each cover letter customized; use the cover letter to provide insight about yourself. The cover letter should set the stage for the resume.

8) Highlight Your Education – Add a “Core Competencies” section in your resume highlighting relevant academic experience within your field of interest.

9) Proofread! – Conduct a thorough spelling and grammar check on your resume before submitting your final document. Spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors in your resume indicate a lack of attention to detail.

10) Upload Your Resume – After you’ve got a top notch resume, it’s important to get proper exposure. Upload your final document job boards, where employers search through recently posted resumes for qualified candidates. Allow employers to contact you about their job vacancies.

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