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Importance of Cover Letters for Job Search Success

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Many job seekers question the importance of cover letters for job search success. Do I really need one? Is anyone going to read it? What should it say?

As a Resume Writer, I believe cover letters are a vital aspect of the job search process in today’s modern hiring environment. This post aims to shed some light on why.

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Meeting Application Requirements

I look at job postings constantly – it’s a normal part of my everyday job. The thing I find is most employers still want a cover letter from applicants. Of course, not all companies require a cover letter. But it generally remains a staple of the application process.

Therefore, you must embrace that a cover letter is needed – simply to meet the minimum application requirements put forth by the employer.

Communicating Context

One of the most important aspects of a cover letter is communicating context and helping employers understand what’s going on in your life.

For instance, perhaps you are in the process of making a career change or breaking into a new industry – the cover letter allows you to communicate your personal motivations, values, and interests in a way that is simply not possible in your Resume. This means sharing your personal narrative and story.

Showing Your Sincere Interest

Many employers are flooded with applicants and it’s hard for hiring managers to decipher genuinely interested and qualified applicants. So, they make the cover letter optional and use it as a gauge for who is serious.

Given the chance, most job seekers will skip the time-consuming step of writing a customized cover letter. When you don’t skip it and instead invest time and effort into submitting a cover letter – it stands out. It shows your sincere interest and willingness to go the extra mile.

In Conclusion

The importance of cover letters for job search success remains high. (a) Most employers still expect one. (b) They allow you to communicate personal context. (c) They act as proof of your sincere interest in the role.

Creating cover letters can be a time-consuming process. Especially when you aren’t exactly sure how to do it. That’s why I recommend this cover letter generator for creating a professional-looking cover letter in minutes.

Another option for professional assistance is our thorough and convenient Cover Letter service.

However you decide to go about it – your cover letter has many powers. Just keep it concise (one page max)!

About the Author: Doug Levin

Doug Levin is the owner and operator of JobStars USA, a career services practice serving job seekers of all industries and experience levels. He is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), and Career Coach (CPCC) with a decade of experience in the Resume Writing niche.

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