Logistics Job Sites & Job Boards

Logistics Job Sites & Job Boards

List of Logistics Job Sites & Job Boards

The following list of Logistics Job Sites is a compilation of websites that advertise job vacancies specifically for Logistics professionals of all experience levels.

Savvy job seekers understand why it’s so important to use niche job sites when looking for a job in Logistics. Although big job sites like Indeed and LinkedIn Jobs are very popular, the downfall is their lack of specialization and high traffic levels compared to most niche job sites.

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I recommend the following Logistics Job Sites & Job Boards for reducing your exposure to competition and zeroing-in on highly relevant job opportunities in Logistics. Before you start applying, it’s wise to make sure your Resume is looking sharp. We can help you there. Happy browsing!

Here’s the list of Logistics Job Sites & Job Boards:
  • APICS Job Board is the place to find supply chain, logistics, operations, production, inventory, materials management and purchasing jobs and talent.
  • Fleet Jobs is the largest niche job board for highly qualified mechanics and technicians that specialize in fleet, diesel, tractor, auto/vehicle, and equipment maintenance.
  • Jobs in Logistics specializes in logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, transportation, purchasing, freight forwarding, distribution, warehousing, 3PL, and materials management.
  • Supply Chain 247 is the ul­ti­mate online bus­i­ness re­source for trans­por­ta­tion, dis­trib­u­tion, log­istics and supply chain pro­fes­sionals.

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