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Niche Job Site Benefits

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Top Benefits of Using Niche Job Sites

Niche job site benefits are plentiful – here’s why you should be using niche job sites in your job search repertoire.

If you’re a job seeker, using large, crowded job sites often feels like a black hole. You email your Resume, answer screening questions, and never hear back (positive or negative). It can feel like a big waste of time.

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When you want a new job, you must take actions that increase your odds of getting in front of hiring managers!

Reasons for using niche job sites:

Search by Occupation

Many job seekers are established within a particular specialization or follow a specific career path. If that statement describes you, a niche job site helps you quickly identify high quality job openings.

An experienced pharmaceutical sales representative locates openings on sites such as MedReps. A pilot with 10 years of experience finds Aviation Job Search a better source of openings than a large career web site. When conducting a niche job search, these sites deliver relevant postings.

Find Your Level

Certain niche sites help job seekers at specific points in their careers. This is helpful to avoid wasting time with job postings that are above or below your level.

For instance, college students will benefit from using a site like WayUp that specializes in internships and entry-level openings. Older job seekers may find Retirement Jobs a breathe of fresh air, which caters exclusively to the over 50 crowd to ameliorate age discrimination concerns.

Get Industry Specific

Many people find industries such as brewing and cannabis interesting. Brewbound and Vangsters are two examples of industry-focused sites that help you conduct a niche job search. These websites help everyone from cooks to sales professionals find a job in these specialized industries.

Speak the Lingo

Recruiters look for keywords on Resumes. Therefore, you must craft your Resume and cover letter so that relevant keywords strike a match with applicant tracking systems and stand out to HR folks.

A niche job seeker in the financial services industry can find detailed, keyword rich postings on websites such as eFinancialCareers. For instance, a Portfolio Manager can survey these postings and write a Resume that showcases the appropriate industry experience and skills. This strategy improves your odds of getting an interview.

Seasonal Job Search

If you’re not looking for full-time employment, there are websites that feature freelance and seasonal work. Upwork is the largest website for freelancers. JobMonkey has postings for a variety of seasonal work at companies such as amusements parks, ski resorts, and commercial fishing.

Relevant Advice

If you’ve ever read a career advice column and felt that recommendations were irrelevant to you, then here’s great news for you. Niche job sites provide targeted tips to job seekers.

If you want to find a job in super yachting, YaCrew lists courses and academies that train you for positions in that industry. Seniors4hire offers guidance to help older job seekers find employment. Other sites such as Casino Careers give tips on interviewing and salary negotiations from that industry’s perspective.

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