List of Legal Job Sites & Job Boards

The following list of IT Job Sites is a compilation of websites that advertise job vacancies specifically for Legal professionals of all experience levels.

Savvy job seekers understand why it’s so important to use niche job sites when looking for a job in the Legal field. Although big job sites like Indeed and LinkedIn Jobs are very popular, the downfall is their lack of specialization and high traffic levels compared to most niche job sites.

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I recommend the following Legal Job Sites & Job Boards for reducing your exposure to competition and zeroing-in on highly relevant job opportunities in Legal. Before you start applying, it’s wise to make sure your Resume is looking sharp. We can help you there. Happy browsing!

Here’s the list of Legal Job Sites & Job Boards:
  • The Career Center for the American Bar Association is where you’ll find new legal jobs posted everyday.
  • Emplawyer Net is home to the legal profession’s best job database.
  • GoInhouse is a job board that focuses solely on in-house counsel positions.
  • Law Crossing offers the largest collection of active legal jobs in the world.
  • Law Jobs is the most targeted interactive network for legal job candidates, employers and recruiters.

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