Job Seekers: Join a Talent Network Today!

Joining a talent network (or talent community) has many benefits for savvy job seekers, like you.

A talent network is essentially a recruiting tool many top employers use to attract and build a talent pipeline for staying in touch with job applicants. It’s an effective way for employers to enhance their existing recruiting practices.

Joining a company’s talent network gives you an inside track on studying a company’s corporate culture as well as keeping tabs on newly posted job vacancies, events, and more.

Plenty of great reasons exist for joining a talent network, here’s a few:

Join a Talent Network

Joining a talent community is easy! Visit the company’s talent community homepage and follow the prompts to create your talent network profile. It’s similar to the traditional job application process in terms of uploading your Resume and providing additional information. Only, you’re not actually applying for a specific job.

Gain an Edge

Once you’re in the talent network, you’ll soon start receiving job alerts and notifications for recruiting events like networking and career fairs. Since the job alerts and notifications come from sources within the organization, you’ve got an inside edge to pounce on newly posted job vacancies and recruiting opportunities.

Get Noticed

Many organizations rely heavily on their talent community to create a strong talent pipeline. Therefore, internal recruiters are quite likely to notice and review your talent network profile. Also, joining a talent community tells internal recruiters that you’re likely to be passionate about their organization, which never hurts.

Job Search Passively

Unlike declaring your interest to a specific job posting in the traditional sense, you’re expressing interest in the organization more broadly. Joining a talent community means throwing your hat into the ring for consideration on future job vacancies that match your skill set. Great strategy for passive job seekers!

Study the Company

Joining a talent community gives you an inside look at the organization’s corporate culture, values, and goings-on. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of what life might be like for you by working there.


A talent network is an online portal used by internal recruiters to build and maintain dialogue with prospective candidates. Here are some examples of talent communities.

Ready to join a talent community? Before you do, make sure that your Resume and LinkedIn profile are on-point. We can help you there.

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