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Adding Job Location Type on LinkedIn

Published On: February 23rd, 2023Last Updated: February 23rd, 2023Categories: Job Seekers Blog, Tips & AdviceTags: , ,

Whether you worked on-site, hybrid, or remotely – adding a job location type for each job on your LinkedIn profile is a great way to help people better understand the nature of your work experience

In case you missed it, LinkedIn rolled out new ‘location type’ functionality in 2022, giving users the ability to distinguish between on-site, hybrid, or remote for each job in the work history.

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This post provides an overview of what you need to know for adding job location type for each position on your LinkedIn profile.

Overview of Location Types

Here are the job location types on LinkedIn:

  • On-site, hybrid, and remote.

On-site, hybrid, and remote work all have their unique differences, advantages, and disadvantages. On-site usually means going to a physical location (such as an office or factory). Remote means working from a location outside of a traditional office or workplace using digital tools. Hybrid is a combination.

Why it Matters

In this modern job market, it’s crucial to differentiate yourself from other candidates by highlighting your skills and experiences. One way to do this is by accurately describing the type of work you have performed on your LinkedIn profile. Distinguishing between on-site, remote, and hybrid work on your LinkedIn profile can help you stand out from other candidates with similar skills and experiences.

For instance, if an employer is specifically looking for someone with remote work experience, your profile is more likely to capture their attention (if you have this type of work listed on your profile).

How to Add Location Type

Adding a location type to your jobs on LinkedIn is easy! It’s just like adding a new position to your profile. Simply choose the most appropriate ‘location type’ for each of your individual jobs.

Below is a screenshot depicting (bottom) where to select your job’s location type.

Adding a Location Type on LinkedIn - Job Seekers Blog - JobStars USA

In Conclusion

In conclusion, it’s worth taking the time to go through your work history and selecting the appropriate location type for each job you’ve held. This can be vital in attracting potential employers, highlighting your skills and experiences, and standing out from other candidates in the job market.

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