Whether you were outside the workforce for six months – or six years – adding a career break on LinkedIn helps to address one of the most common insecurities amongst job seekers: employment gaps.

In March 2022, LinkedIn rolled out new ‘career break’ functionality, giving members the ability to spotlight career breaks on their profiles.

The following article provides an overview on adding a career break to your LinkedIn profile.

Career Break Overview

Employment gaps are a long-standing and prevalent source of insecurity for job seekers. So, how can you best communicate your reason(s) for being outside the workforce on your LinkedIn profile?

Here are the types of career breaks on LinkedIn:

  • Bereavement, career transition, caregiving, full-time parenting, gap year, layoff/position eliminated, health and well-being, personal goal pursuit, professional development, relocation, retirement, travel, and voluntary work.

Options for Adding a Career Break on LinkedIn - Job Seekers Blog - JobStars

Add Career Break on LinkedIn

Adding a Career Break

Adding a career break to your LinkedIn profile is easy! It’s just like adding a new position to your profile.

Simply choose the most appropriate ‘type’ of career break for your circumstances. Then add relevant details like dates, geographic location, and a written description (up to 2,000 characters). You may also include media such as external documents, photos, websites, videos, and presentations.

Here’s how a blank career break form looks on LinkedIn:

Adding a Career Break - Job Seekers Blog - JobStars USA

Career Break Example

Below is a fictitious example of a career break for someone traveling across Europe.

Travel Career Break - Job Seekers Blog - JobStars USA

In Conclusion

Whatever your reasons  – employment gaps are a normal part of being a professional. Whether you’re sightseeing across Europe, providing care for an ill family member, or pursuing a personal goal – now you’re able to communicate the context around your employment gap to hiring managers and recruiters.

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