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Top Brain Foods for Job Seekers

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Job Seekers: Eat these Brain Foods

Mixing brain foods into your diet will make you a sharper and more energetic job seeker.

It might be only two percent of your entire body weight, but your brain snacks on twenty percent of the total energy you consume. Feed your noggin the best brain food and it will stay engaged when you need it the most.

Job seeking is a time-consuming and stressful activity that requires rigorous effort and concentration. Eating brain food and maintaining your physical wellness gives you the energy to sustain your efforts day after day. It could mean the difference between landing that dream job or spinning your wheels and never achieving your goals.

Start making smart food choices by eating these top brain foods for job seekers.


Blueberries don’t just look good on top of your pancakes. They also help your brain fight off signs of aging and dementia. Eating a breakfast of whole grain cereal and blueberries will give you the ability to focus on your job search activities and make a positive showing during the interview process.


These tasty nuts have B-12 vitamins and zinc, both of which have proven effects to make you feel more calm. It also helps just to gnaw on something crunchy sometimes.


Spinach is a great way to get the blood flowing. It dilates blood vessels and helps oxygen rich blood get to your brain. Your brain loves this and will thank you for it.


Asparagus is another green vegetable loaded with nutrients, that will keep you feeling sharp. Great source of fiber. Also, the folic acid in asparagus helps keep your nerves healthy and firing.


One of the top brain foods for lunch or dinner is salmon (or tuna). You’ll get omega-3 fatty acids and B-6 vitamins. Your brain will relax because of this. Salmon also raises your serotonin levels making you feel good.

Protein > Carbohydrates

You might be tempted to grab that bagel from the coffee shop, but those carbs might have you feeling laggard right when you need to be on your game. Instead, have some eggs and a cup of coffee. The protein and caffeine will help you feel alert and upbeat, and those are two traits that hiring managers notice.

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