List of Sports Events and Conferences

Attending a sports event is a time-tested method for networking with industry peers as well as exploring hot topics in your particular sport. I encourage using this list to gather information on dates, rates, and agendas for upcoming events attended by sports coaches, sports officials, sports administrators, and more.

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These events are often hosted by the national chapter of a professional association. For instance, NFCA is a national membership organization for fast-pitch softball coaches. It hosts an annual meeting that brings these professionals together from all over the country. This is just one example – do your research to identify the right event for you!

Here’s the list:
  • ABCA Convention is the primary professional event for baseball coaches at the NCAA level and below.
  • AFCA Annual Convention is the premier networking event for coaches from all around the country.
  • AHCA Convention welcomes hockey coaches of all levels, as well as referees, administrators, sales representatives, and journalists on a yearly basis.
  • AVCA Annual Convention provides a range of professional development and networking opportunities for volleyball coaches.
  • IMLCA Annual Convention is dedicated to growing the game of lacrosse and facilitating networking opportunities for coaches.
  • NABC Convention is the nation’s premier professional development and networking event for basketball coaches.
  • NCSA National Conference welcomes strength and conditioning professionals to connect one-on-one with top industry leaders and learn about the latest research.
  • NFCA National Convention is an annual gathering for fast-pitch softball coaches from all competitive levels of play. 
  • Sports Officiating Summit is an annual event hosted by NASO.

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