My Top Resume Writer Pet Peeves

With nearly ten years of experience as a Certified Professional Resume Writer and 5,000+ Resumes under my belt, I have served countless entry through executive-level clients. I find the overwhelming majority of JobStars USA clients respectful and easy to work with! However, along the way, I acquired a few pet peeves serving more difficult clients.

In an effort to share perspective from the viewpoint of a full-time practicing Resume Writer, I’ve put together a list of some of my top pet peeves when serving clients. For prospective Resume Writing clients that seek a positive experience, I recommend trying to avoid the following faux pas when working with your Resume Writer.


Some clients enter into the Resume Writing process with unresolved baggage from a negative past experience. These clients are eager to communicate what went wrong with their last Resume Writer. This is akin to going on a first date and telling your new dating partner about everything that went wrong with an “ex”. It’s totally unrelated, doesn’t really add any value, and makes the other party wary of how things will go from the very start. If you have baggage from a past experience, try to keep it to yourself, learn from it, and use it to anticipate potential problems.


Giving carte blanche to your Resume Writer means granting full authority. Most practicing Resume Writers operate under a fiduciary responsibility (tacit or explicit) to always serve the client’s best interests. When shopping for a Resume Writer, you should study their background, education, and credentials to develop your own sense of trust. Distrustful clients may enter into a Resume Writing engagement without a sense of who they’ve hired (or why). This makes granting carte blanche and trusting the expert nearly impossible and upsets the rhythm of the process.


Building an ATS-friendly and visually-appealing Resume is both an art and a science. Generally speaking, most experienced Resume Writers are familiar with the common “do’s” and “don’ts” for ATS-friendliness. However, visual appeal is largely subjective. This means injecting personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. Judgmental clients are usually quick to express their feelings without considering the subjectivity of their own tastes and opinions. You may avoid being judgmental by trusting your Resume Writer and using your Resume in the marketplace (let the market decide).

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Professional boundaries make up the code of conduct to follow when working with your Resume Writer. Most boundaries are pretty obvious ones. They are based on societal norms like common courtesy and the golden rule (“do unto others as you would have them do unto you”). Overbearing clients may lack the knowledge (or consideration) to respect certain professional boundaries. Examples of overbearing client behavior include calling your Resume Writer multiple times daily or sending several messages over the weekend (expecting a response).


Striving for excellence in the Resume Writing process is a highly desirable target to pursue. Striving for perfection is counterproductive. Understanding the difference between excellence and perfection is critical. When it comes to the practice of Resume Writing, excellence is the goal (not perfection). This doesn’t mean spelling and grammar are unimportant. Your Resume must be thoroughly proofread and free of errors. Perfectionist clients typically operate on arbitrary, unrealistic, and subjective standards that are impossible to meet. Perfectionists should avoid being overly scrupulous with the Resume, and instead, redirect that energy into applying to jobs (play the numbers game).

“Strive for excellence, not perfection, because we don’t live in a perfect world.” ― Joyce Meyer


Time is the single most precious asset in life. We’re all on the clock. On a daily basis, most Resume Writers have 6-8 hours of productive working time to dedicate. Of course, this assumes your Resume Writer will avoid distractions, maintain good health, and steer clear of countless other factors which eat into available time. Pushy clients prioritize their own needs and timeline with little appreciation for how much time is available. Most reputable Resume Writers offer rush service for an additional charge. If you’re in a hurry, it’s best to consider paying for faster service.


Resume Writing is a time-consuming and challenging endeavor. Most veteran Resume Writers serve multiple clients at once and rely heavily on their own process for managing everything. Personally, I ask all JobStars USA clients to complete an introductory questionnaire and then partake in a telephone call (prior to first draft development). This allows me to stay organized and clear-headed on their needs and objectives. Uncooperative clients may view aspects of the Resume Writing process as inconvenient and worthy of bypassing. This is not an ideal level of cooperation.


As it states in my professional biography: “my daily commitment is ensuring the delivery of top notch career services for every valued JobStars USA client.” As such, I wrote this post to transparently share my pet peeves. My hope is to help prospective clients make the most of their engagement. Seeking help with your Resume? We offer a range of services at multiple price points for revising an existing Resume or building a new one from scratch. Check out the Resume Writing homepage or send a Contact Us message for more information.