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Resume page length is easily, one of the most frequently asked questions..

So…how many pages should your resume be?

Answer: It depends!

Think about your job search like a traditional advertising and marketing campaign. You are the item for sale, in a marketplace where employers are shopping for talented individuals.

Consider McDonald’s advertising strategies. McDonald’s applies a variety of tools and creativity to effectively market their products to different audiences. Happy meals are available for children, value-menu options for cost-cutters, and deluxe burgers for those looking to indulge. What’s the moral of the story? One generalization or strategy does not guide their overall marketing approach, and effective messaging comes in all shapes and sizes.

The reality is that all job applicants ARE NOT created equal. When we’re all “supposed” to adhere to a one page rule, it places Entry Level job seekers without any professional experience, in the very same boat as Managers and Executives with 10, 15 or 20+ years of experience.  The one-page rule serves as a broad sweeping generalization, without taking into account individual differences such as years of work experience and depth of education, training and certifications.

Here is an actionable guide on Resume length tips from Cleverism.

Submit your resume through the free resume critique, and we’ll be happy to share our opinion of how long YOUR Resume should be!

About the Author: Doug Levin

Doug Levin is the owner and operator of JobStars USA, a career services practice serving job seekers of all industries and experience levels. He is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), and Career Coach (CPCC) with a decade of experience in the Resume Writing niche.

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