List of Professional Branding Sites for Job Seekers

Professional Branding Sites for Job Seekers are a wonderful compliment to having a strong Resume and LinkedIn Profile.

Professional Branding is essentially a marketing strategy. Your professional brand is a reflection of your reputation and the things you are known for (or hope to be known for). Professional Branding Sites enable you to carefully construct a professional image that can go beyond the capabilities of your Resume and Cover Letter with the use of media, images, and more.

Professional Branding only works when you have a strong foundation. Try not to skip steps! First, make sure your Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile are in alignment. Then, use these sites and tools to make your professional brand shine through.

Here’s the list of the Professional Branding Sites for Job Seekers:
  • enables users to create a beautiful, personalized web presence to present their complete online identity.
  • beBee is a leading platform to create, showcase and share your personal brand.
  • allows users to create a stunning personal website in minutes.
  • Brand Yourself is the easiest way to improve your Google results.
  • Do You Buzz lets you create an online resume website so you look your best on the web.
  • Free LinkedIn Backgrounds provides free background images in multiple categories including nature, technology, and people.
  • LinkedIn Background displays a variety of background images and pictures for your Linkedin Profile.
  • MainIntro is a digital platform that allows career explorers to creatively showcase their personality, skills, and experience to recruiters.
  • Visual CV is a revolutionary approach to creating an internet-based online career portfolio.
  • Workfolio develops products and services that enable people to be more visible and get the most from the work they do.
  • WP Resume is an out-of-the-box solution to get your resume online and keep it updated.
Here’s the list of the Professional Branding Sites for Job Seekers:

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