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Common Interview Mistakes for Job Seekers

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Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid

We all know there are things that you should not do at a job interview, but we all can get a bit lax after going through a few interviews. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

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How you dress, how you speak, and how you conduct yourself matters during the interviewing process. Your goal is to present yourself as a low-risk candidate with high levels of likability and trustworthiness.

Here are some of the most basic and common interview mistakes to avoid.

Overly Casual Attire

Never wear everyday relax around the house clothes. The first impression you make is what the interviewer will remember. Of course, you do not have to dress like you are going to a black tie affair, but be presentable.

Arriving Late

Showing up late for an interview isn’t wise. Prepare directions to the interviewing site and plan your transportation beforehand. If you’re stuck in an unexpected traffic jam on the day of the interview you should email your contact from your mobile phone to communicate that you’re running late.

Bad Mouthing

Speaking negatively about a former colleague, boss, or employer while job interviewing is both unprofessional and counterproductive. Instead of bad mouthing, try to move forward by putting a positive spin on things.

Poor Body Language

Do as you always heard your elders say and sit up straight and maintain eye contact.  Do not sit there and just nod your head yes. Refrain from fidgeting and tapping on the desk with your fingers.

Chewing Gum

All too many times we’ll be dressed up and looking sharp and then the gum snapping starts. Have you ever witnessed anyone waiting for their job interview while blowing bubbles and snapping their gum? It is not pleasant.

Not Asking Questions

Asking questions is something most hiring managers want to see. It shows you’re engaged in the conversation and genuinely interested in the job. You may find it helpful to prepare a list of questions in advance, or you may feel comfortable relying on your curiosity and inquisitiveness to ask questions in the flow of the conversation.

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