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3 Careers for Artists

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Would you like a job where your Artistic skills matter? Turn your passion for Art into a long-lasting and rewarding career path with these 3 Careers for Artists:

Museum Worker

Museum Workers prepare and restore items for museum collections and exhibits. Archivists appraise and maintain historically significant records and documents. Curators oversee collections (artwork and historic items).

BLS Overview

“Most curators work at museums, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, and historical sites. Those who install and restore exhibits may be required to climb, stretch, and work with bulky objects. Museum technicians work in museums, while conservators mostly work in laboratories.”

More Info: Occupational Outlook Handbook for Archivists, Curators, and Museum Workers.

Landscape Architect

Embrace nature and help to beautify your own community as a Landscape Architect. Plan and design land areas for projects including parks, recreational facilities, airports, highways, hospitals, schools and related commercial, industrial and residential locations.

BLS Overview

“Landscape architects spend most of their time in comfortable offices. The remainder of their time is spent at jobsites. Most work full time, and many work more than 50 hours per week.”

More Info: Occupational Outlook Handbook for Landscape Architects.

Interior Designer

Have fun at work and demonstrate your artistic nature in this highly rewarding career where you design, plan and furnish interior spaces in residential, commercial or industrial settings.

BLS Overview

“Many interior designers worked for the specialized design services industry or for architectural, engineering, and related services industries. In 2010, about 30 percent were self-employed.”

More Info: Occupational Outlook for Interior Designers.

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