Career Coaching Process

Partnering with a Career Coach offers emotional support, practical guidance, and a greater sense of accountability in doing the work necessary to achieve your goals. Here’s an overview of the Career Coaching client experience with JobStars.

Client Experience V1

Introductory Career Coaching Questionnaire

Step #1 in the Career Coaching process is an online introductory questionnaire. This allows clients to provide relevant background and career information. Our questionnaire is user-friendly and easy to complete with convenient ‘save and continue later’ functionality.

Intake Consultation

Step #2 in the Career Coaching process is an intake session with your Career Coach prior to your program beginning. This discreet and confidential discussion is beneficial for making introductions, getting familiar with one another, and kicking off the program in unison.

Client Experience V2
Keirsey™ Career Temperament

Keirsey Career Temperament

After the introductory questionnaire and intake session are completed – it’s time for the Keirsey Career Temperament. This popular assessment helps with better understanding your own personality type, which is beneficial when selecting a career path or preparing for an interview. We provide the URL and code for accessing the Keirsey, a 70-question online assessment that averages 15-20 minutes to complete.

Post Program Correspondence

Post Program Correspondence allows you to keep the conversation going with your Career Coach for 30 days after your final session concludes for additional support.

The process of corresponding with your Career Coach involves logging into our virtual client portal and drafting messages for only your Career Coach to see. Spitball ideas, ask questions, and keep your Career Coach updated on your progress.

JobStars Client Portal - Career Coaching

Worksheets and Exercises

Career Coaching involves (optional) homework assignments in-between sessions to engage you in activities that help to advance your objectives. By participating in Career Coaching you have full access to our entire library of exercises, guides, and worksheets which are available for download in the client portal.

Worksheets and Exercises - Career Coaching - JobStars USA
MP3 Recordings - Career Coaching - JobStars USA

MP3 Recordings

Career Coaching sessions are conducted on a recorded, confidential phone line. You receive MP3 recordings of all coaching sessions allowing you to listen back to each session and reflect on your conversations.