Partner List for the JobStars Affiliate Program:

Career Sidekick

Career Sidekick offers up to the minute advice on job interviews, salary, careers and more.

What’s Next

What’s Next is the best resource for information, inspiration, and resources for midlife professionals in career transition or those just stuck in midlife wondering what to do next.

Zeno Media

Zeno Media caters to immigrants in the US and is the largest immigrant radio network.

Career Enjoyment

Career Enjoyment is the proprietor of a free, state-of-the-art career test that matches users with 1,000+ well paying careers.

Job Hakr

Job Hakr provides career advice, services, and insight to student affairs professionals in their job search.

Dan Krikorian

Dan Krikorian is an acclaimed musician and host of Beautiful Work podcast.

Ben Bobo

Ben Bobo is a well-known entrepreneur and host of Beyond with Ben Bobo podcast.

Biz Hired

Biz Hired is a job site with a bevy of resources for job seekers.

Federal Government Jobs

Federal Government Jobs provides free listings of federal government job postings.

Organic Blueprints

Organic Blueprints is a Richmond, VA provider of life, business, and executive coaching.

Salary Hackers

Salary Hackers is a leading community for salary negotiation tactics to help people define their value and increase their salary.

Employment Atlanta

Employment Atlanta is a recruiter and employment agency for accounting and finance professionals in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Bobbie LaPorte & Associates

Bobbie LaPorte & Associates helps challenged executives to achieve their goals and become exceptional leaders.

Mission Employment

Mission Employment is a job site dedicated to enriching the lives of job seekers and companies looking for quality talent.

Workplace Bully Bye Bye

Workplace Bully Bye Bye is a personal blog with posts related to the topic of workplace bullying.

Work Shift Hub

Work Shift Hub provides free reports and recommendations on the top certifications, training, and advice for your career.


JobGoRound prides itself on providing a variety of key resources for job seekers throughout the job search process.

Ageless Moxie

Ageless Moxie provides inspiration and motivation for women over 45 – with honest, relevant, and unfiltered conversations on health, wealth, and happiness.

Hire Me Guide

Hire Me Guide is a quick, easy, and resourceful guide on how to get a job.