Partner List for the JobStars Affiliate Program:

Career Sidekick

Career Sidekick offers up to the minute advice on job interviews, salary, careers and more.


Jig Jobs is an online job board for discovering manufacturing opportunities nationwide.

Career Cloud

Career Cloud is a leading online publisher of career tools, articles and advice for job seekers.

Federal Government Jobs

Federal Government Jobs provides free listings of federal government job postings.

Skilled Trade Jobs

Skilled Trade Jobs advertises job opportunities in welding, electrical, plumbing, construction, and more.

Career Enjoyment

Career Enjoyment is the proprietor of a free, state-of-the-art career test that matches users with 1,000+ well paying careers.

Mint To Be Career

Mint To Be Career is a career services firm and creator of the ‘Your Career GPS‘ podcast.


GrowthHackYourCareer provides free resume courses and workshops that help job seekers land their next jobs faster.

Change Work Life

Change Work Life helps you make the changes you need to get the most out of your career through a podcast and one-to-one coaching.

Bryce Batts Coaching

Bryce Batts is a Career Coach for women in the AEC industry and host of the Wine After Work podcast.


QoreCareers advertises automotive-related job opportunities in sales, service, and administration at retail dealerships nationwide.


MatchBuilt Executive Search is a team of dedicated homebuilding and building materials recruiters with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Career Redo

Career Redo provides advice and resources for helping professionals make a career change.


Knobull is an academic search engine giving users the ability to search through 5 billion academic sources.

IT Job Cafe

IT Job Cafe is a unique job portal with tech news, discussion boards, classifieds, and resource links.

Owner Actions

Owner Actions is a complete resource for business owners with step-by-step guides, curated articles, and more for starting, buying, growing, managing, and selling or closing a business.


Truely is an online provider of unbiased rankings for a variety of digital products and services.


Jobalytics is a keyword matcher designed to help you get your resume past the applicant tracking systems.


BestValued helps shoppers pick the best products in over 30+ categories around the globe.

Job Hakr

Job Hakr provides career advice, services, and insight to student affairs professionals in their job search.

Organic Blueprints

Organic Blueprints is a Richmond, VA provider of life, business, and executive coaching.

Federal Resume Guide

Federal Resume Guide is a leading online resource and guide to writing a federal resume.

Employment Atlanta

Employment Atlanta is a recruiter and employment agency for accounting and finance professionals in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Yesmine Releford

Yesmine Releford is an online influencer on TikTok, Youtube, and more.

Bobbie LaPorte & Associates

Bobbie LaPorte & Associates helps challenged executives to achieve their goals and become exceptional leaders.


eLegitimate provides categorized information about BBB accredited businesses.

Square Bettor

Square Bettor is a digital platform designed with the average sports bettor in mind.

Mission Employment

Mission Employment is a job site dedicated to enriching the lives of job seekers and companies looking for quality talent.


BroadbandSearch puts together extensive research on the providers and plans available across the United States, which includes download speeds, upload speeds, pricing, data caps, fine print, and more.

Work Shift Hub

Work Shift Hub provides free reports and recommendations on the top certifications, training, and advice for your career.


JobGoRound prides itself on providing a variety of key resources for job seekers throughout the job search process.


CAPITOL STANDARD aims to fuel career growth and redefine the standards of success for corporate professionals everywhere.