How to Track Your Job SearchHow do you Track Your Job Search?

It’s simple. Tracking your job search activity shouldn’t be a time-drain; the idea is to create a tracking system that allows you to run an efficient job-search.

  1. Create a brand new spreadsheet using Google Drive or MS Excel.
  2. Label five columns on your spreadsheet with: “Company Name”, “Job Title”, “Date Applied”, “Contact Information” and “Notes”.
  3. Keep this spreadsheet open when you’re in “job apply mode”. Remember to record the pertinent details on your speadsheet for every job you’ve applied to.
Why should you Track Your Job Search?

Tracking your job search activity is a basic and simple exercise with powerful benefits. It should help you help you in the following ways:

  1. Greater Accountability – Tracking your job search helps you to hold yourself accountable to accomplishing your goals. For example, when you make a commitment to apply to five new jobs per week, tracking your activity will keep you honest.
  2. Better Organization – You’ll have detailed records of every job that you apply to. This can be especially helpful during the initial phone screening/interview. No more getting caught off guard or relying on your memory.
  3. Stronger Follow-ups – Applying to a job isn’t the beginning and end. Follow-up is very important. When you track your job search activity, it makes follow-up a simple and effective method of reaffirming your interest in the position.