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Professional designations are defined as third-party awarded recognitions of individual knowledge and/or proficiency within a given industry or occupation.

We maintain a comprehensive list of professional designations for helping professionals across multiple industries and occupations to improve their competitive positioning, learn new things, and boost earning potential

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Things to Consider When Pursuing Designations

  • Most professional designations cost money to attain. Price ranges and requirements vary by designation. Typical associated costs include initial registration and/or annual renewal charges.

  • Professional designations are commonly awarded by professional associations, universities, and related accrediting bodies.

  • Increasingly, employers are requiring job applicants to hold a specific credential such as the popular PMP Certification.

  • Some professional designations never expire. Others require annual renewal or continuing education credits (CECs) to maintain active status. This is an important consideration to research when evaluating different professional designations to pursue.

Professional Designations by Category

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Professional Designations & Certifications


Accounting Professional Designations


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Career Services

Career Services Tag - Job Seekers Blog - JobStars USA


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Emergency Management

Emergency Management Professional Designations


Engineering Professional Designations

Event Management

Event Management Professional Designations

Facility Management

Facility Management Professional Designations


Finance Professional Designations


Healthcare Professional Designations

Human Resource

Human Resource Professional Designations

Information Technology

IT Professional Designations


Marketing Professional Designations


Pharmaceutical Professional Designations


Sales Professional Designations

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