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Salary Research Sites for Job Seekers

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List of Salary Research Sites for Job Seekers

Salary Research Sites for Job Seekers empower you (the job seeker) to negotiate with confidence and secure the best possible compensation package.

Get a gauge on what you deserve based on salary bench-marking tools that compare you with peers based on your unique skills, education, and experience. Salary Research Sites offer a range of helpful tools including salary calculators, personalized reports, and more.

Most use a “freemium” model with both free and paid resources. Do your research and find the right solution for you. However, before you start worrying about salary requirements it’s best to ensure that your Resume is up to par. Submit your Resume for a free review!

Here’s the list of the Salary Research Sites for Job Seekers:
  • LinkedIn Salary provides a detailed breakdown of salaries by job title and location.
  • Payscale offers real-time salary data, comparing job profiles to the salaries of people with comparable skills and experience.
  • Salary is the leading destination for employer-reported information about employee pay levels; it provides salary information for more than 4,000 job titles.
  • Salary Expert is a one-stop compensation research and analytics source for job seekers and HR professionals worldwide.

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