Personal Website

Personal Website


Personal Website for entry through executive-level professionals. Build personal brand equity by outlining who you are in a dynamic and visually-appealing manner. Compliment your Resume and LinkedIn profile with this essential component for highlighting your specific value and accomplishments. It tells your story – presenting your accomplishments and enabling employers to see your true value and potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intake Process

After placing your order you will log into the client portal to complete the Personal Website questionnaire. This is a questionnaire for gathering additional information about your life, background, personality, work experience, and more.

Content Development

Content for your personal website is prepared on a word document for your review. The timeline is 5 business days after completion of the intake process. You may send changes, questions, or comments on the content until you’re satisfied with it. After taking care of the content part – we move forward with building and launching your site.

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Your personal website includes all setup and hosting costs for the first 12 months. After that, the renewal fee to keep your site live is $225 annually.

Your new personal website is developed from any of the following designs:

The following resources are made available for download within the client portal.

Job Search Guides

  • Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Guide to Behavioral Interviewing
  • Guide to Cover Letters
  • Guide to Facing Unemployment
  • Guide to LinkedIn Settings
  • Guide to Networking
  • Guide to Professional References
  • Guide to Quitting Your Job
  • Guide to Salary Negotiation
  • Guide to Working With Recruiters

Career Discovery Worksheets & Exercises

  • Career Discovery Pondering Questions
  • Career Values Identification Workbook
  • Researching Occupations Exercise

Goal Setting Worksheets & Exercises

  • 3 Month Vision Worksheet
  • Annual Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Rocking Chair Life Visioning Exercise
  • SMART Goal Setting Exercise
  • Understanding The Why of Your Goals
  • Wacky Wild Goal Brainstorming

Job Search Worksheets & Exercises

  • Company Target List Worksheet
  • Job Search Fundamentals Checklist
  • Job Search Tracker (excel)
  • Monthly Goals Worksheet
  • Requesting an Informational Interview

Self Improvement Worksheets & Exercises

  • Boost Your Strengths Exercise
  • Weakness Zapper

Self Reflection Worksheets & Exercises

  • 360 Feedback Exercise
  • Find Your Hidden Treasure
  • Get Perspective Worksheet
  • Job Focus Grid
  • Personal SWOT Exercise
  • Sample Values List
  • Top 10 Cognitive Distortions

Interviewing Worksheets & Exercises

  • Elevator Pitch
  • Interview Cheat Sheet
  • Interview Recap Worksheet
  • Interview Script

Prices vary by experience level, due to time and expertise requirements for each project.