Job Search Talk – Episode #7 – Tips After Being Laid Off

In episode #7 of Job Search Talk, I welcome George Dutch, a Career Coach on team JobStars USA.

George possesses 25 years of experience helping job seekers achieve their career goals. Among his various credentials, George is a Certified Coach by National Career Development Association (NCDA). Specializing in career change, interview, and job search, George is the author of three books on career-related topics.

In Episode #7, we discuss the topic of layoffs from the perspective of the affected individual. This conversation includes tips and advice for handling the situation of being let go for reasons unrelated to job performance. As George mentions, it’s quite common for companies to let go of valuable employees for all sorts of reasons such as cost-cutting measures, planned staff reductions, relocation, buyouts, mergers, and more.

From the perspective of the individual, I ask questions and George provides valuable inputs on dealing with this scenario. Below are my questions with George’s answers indicated by the timestamps in bold beside each question.

Topics Discussed in Episode #7 (George’s timestamped answer in bold):
  1. What are the top short-term things to consider after receiving a layoff notice? (1:19 – 3:10)
  2. What are the most common emotions when being let go? How are they best managed? (3:11 – 5:05)
  3. What steps should an individual take to prepare for the job search ahead? (5:09 – 7:57) 
  4. How much time-off from work should an individual take? Is it best to find a new job immediately? (8:03 – 10:29)
  5. Does being laid-off look bad? How can this information be communicated during an interview? (10:36 – 15:29)
  6. What are the top things to focus on during the first 30, 60, and 90 days at a new company? (15:33 – 19:50)
Hear George’s tips (for job seekers) after being laid off: