Job Search Talk – Episode #6 – Building a Target Employer List

On Episode #6 of Job Search Talk, I speak on the benefits of building a list of companies you’d like to work for. This simple strategy allows you to identify desirable organizations based on industry, location, and corporate culture.

Reasons for Building a Target Employer List

  1. Control Your Destiny. Building a list of target employers puts YOU in the driver’s seat. Rather than passively responding to job ads – you’re actively seeking out companies that you’d like to work for.
  2. Skip the Middleman. Large job boards like Indeed and Monster are middlemen. When looking for a job, why not go straight to the source? Company websites are far less trafficked than large job boards.
  3. FOMO. Most companies list ALL job openings on their company website. They rely on external resources (job boards, recruiting firms) to fill certain jobs, not necessarily all jobs. So, visiting company websites ensures that you’re seeing as many listings as possible.
  4. Due Diligence. Conducting up-front research on a potential employer is critical. Prior to filling out a job application, you should do company research to ensure it checks enough of the boxes that you care about.

Finding Company Hiring Sites

Once you’ve identified the company you’re interested in, simply enter “company name” + careers on Google to find your desired employer’s website. This is the simplest way to find their full listing of jobs. Also LinkUp is a job board that curates job listings directly from company websites which may be helpful.

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Identifying Local Employers

Use your creativity to find local employers – they are all around us! Google Maps and Yelp may be useful for discovering local businesses. Another idea, access the business directory from your local chamber of commerce. For instance, HP Chamber of Commerce keeps a list of local businesses (by category) in Highland Park, IL. Your local chamber of commerce will have a similar list of local businesses.

Researching Prospective Employers

Visiting a company’s website directly is the best way to learn about a company, including its mission statement, values, and workplace culture. Additionally, sites like Career Bliss, ComparablyCraftGlassdoor, Job Case, LinkedIn Company, and Vault are useful for doing research on companies.

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Building Your Target Employer List

I offer a totally free Job Search Organizer which is a platform for tracking your job search activity. This allows you to build a list of target companies you’d like to work for, create job search goals and tasks, and store relevant information for quick and easy followup.

Hear Doug Levin Discuss This Topic on Episode #6 of Job Search Talk: