Job Search Talk – Episode #3

Answering Quora Questions

On this episode of Job Search Talk with Doug Levin, I answer questions from the Jobs and Careers section on Quora on how to communicate employment eligibility on LinkedIn, top industries for employment, things to avoid on your LinkedIn profile, and best places to find online jobs.

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Q&A Recap

  1. How do you post employment qualifications on LinkedIn? At the moment, no such field exists on LinkedIn for communicating your employment status (I-9, H-2B, Green Card, etc). Listing this information in the “about” section of your LinkedIn profile, is the most appropriate place. Perhaps in the future, LinkedIn will add the ability to select your employment eligibility from a pre-populated list of the most common ones.
  2. What are some of the best industries to work in? Healthcare and IT are good ones, according to data from BLS on industries with the fastest growing and most rapidly declining wage and salary employment. Leading laggards appear to be manufacturing and federal government. It’s key to first understand your realistic options, then use data from BLS to discover industry trends and patterns.
  3. What should I avoid when creating a LinkedIn profile? Three things (well, many more) came to mind. Avoid copy/pasting content directly from your old Resume onto your profile. Be selective about the skills that you pick for the “skills” section of your profile (max of 50), and remember to write recommendations for others.
  4. What are the best places on the internet to search for an online job? Try niche sites likes virtualassistants, virtualdeskjobs, flexjobs, virtualvocations, and upwork. Or, visit traditional job boards like indeed, monster, and ziprecruiter and use their advanced search functionality to only look for remote/telecommute jobs.