Job Search Talk – Episode #2 – Answering Quora Questions

Doug Levin gives answers to recent questions from the Jobs and Careers forum on Quora.

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Answers Recap:

  1. Pivoting successfully requires first looking introspectively at what you want. It also requires doing research to identify specific job titles and industries to pivot into. Once you know what you want – start taking the necessary steps to execute on the vision. You may need to go back to school, get certified, or join a particular association. Informational interviews are great for gaining a clearer perspective on how to get where you’re trying to go.
  2. I prefer LinkedIn. If you’re just looking for sheer volume of jobs, Indeed is probably better. If you’re going about the job search strategically, then I think LinkedIn offers a lot of value that is hard for Indeed to match.
  3. Yes. Dedicated and hardworking employees at Walmart can advance from entry-level, to store leader, to regional leader, and beyond. All smart companies invest in their own people and promote career advancement, Walmart is presumably no different.
  4. These roles are abundant. First, you should define what type of writing you do. Do you specialize in technical writing, corporate communications writing, advertising copy-writing, etc? Also, create a portfolio with samples of your writing work. Then, get your Resume prepped and start looking for jobs in your niche. Look for “remote” roles. There’s lots!
  5. It depends. If you’re doing freelance work now (without one) then it’s obviously not entirely necessary. If you’re doing one-time projects with individuals or very small businesses, they probably don’t ask a Resume from you. However, lots of freelancer jobs are offered by mid and even large-sized companies. In such a scenario, where you’d like to apply for a freelance role at an established company, you’re very likely going to need a traditional Resume to apply.