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Career Services Alumni Associations

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List of Career Services Alumni Associations (by US State)

The following list of Career Services Alumni Associations is a compilation of links for connecting with your alma mater’s career services department to access help with resume writing, interview preparation, and networking.

Regardless of your age or experience level, if you attended undergraduate school and earned a bachelor’s degree, your alma mater likely offers resources and assistance to help you launch a successful job search.

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This post is a great place to start in connecting with your alma mater when seeking networking opportunities and external support with resume writing, interview preparation, and more. Happy browsing!

Here’s the list of Alumni Associations for Job Seekers:


  • Alabama hosts several career fairs and utilizes Handshake, a job and internship platform, to connect students, alumni, and employers.
  • Alabama Birmingham provides access to job listings, career resources, information on career fairs/events and the ability to browse employer profiles.
  • Auburn offers drop-in assistance, appointments, and eResume services are available to current students and alumni within 5 years of their graduation date.
  • South Alabama offers a powerful recruiting platform for University of South Alabama students and alumni.
  • Troy provides alumni job searching assistance, resume reviews, and more.


  • Alaska Anchorage provides free services to alumni including career counseling, resume reviews, mock interview critique and more.


  • Arizona makes all UA alumni eligible to access Wildcat JobLink for free as part of their job search strategy where employers post hundreds of jobs specifically for UA students and graduates.
  • Arizona State alumni have lifetime access to ASU career fairs, webinars, in-person and virtual networking opportunities, and a variety of career development events.


  • Arkansas provides career services, networking and professional development opportunities for UA alumni and students.
  • Arkansas State believes career management is an essential component of every professional’s life and makes graduates eligible to receive a number of career services.


  • California has a variety of services available to you, whether you are a job seeker, an employer, or want to connect with students.
  • San Diego State provides services to alumni free of charge within 3 months of the date of your most recent enrollment. After this grace period, services are available to alumni for nominal fees.
  • San Jose State authorizes access to the Career Center basic services as long as you graduated from SJSU and can provide your 9-digit student ID number.
  • Southern California features all the key resources and essential information you need to succeed in today’s increasingly hyper-competitive job market.
  • Stanford offers the help you need to land your first job, find that next great opportunity or market yourself to an increasingly specialized market.
  • UCLA alumni have access to services exclusively for UCLA alumni and graduates of other UC campuses.


  • Air Force is proud to offer you access to a new online career services and alumni mentoring portal.
  • Colorado provides access to alumni resources including careers & self exploration, networking events, and job search tools.
  • Colorado State alumni are entitled to a variety of career tools and services.


  • Connecticut offers access to employer recruitment programs and events such as career fairs and information sessions.
  • Yale provides alumni with ongoing career services and support with networking and career strategy.


  • Delaware alums can take advantage of the resources including career preparation and engagement initiatives that benefit the career development of all UD students and alumni.


  • Central Florida develops relationships with alumni, students, parents, and friends by providing meaningful services, tangible benefits and engaging programs that inform, educate and inspire.
  • Florida proudly serves distinguished U of F alumni with job searching, connecting with other talented Gators, and more.
  • Florida Atlantic assists FAU grads with job search needs and to connect with the campus community.
  • Florida International provides tools, resources and strategies that will help you improve and refine your professional development skills.
  • Florida State offers a wide range of career-related services to FSU alumni.
  • Miami offers programs, resources, and relationships for alumni to manage professional success.
  • South Florida helps USF Bulls get an inside track when looking for a job, looking to hire or seeking a new business opportunity.


  • Georgia provides resources to help UGA alumni find meaningful careers.
  • Georgia State supports alumni professional development and ambitions.
  • Georgia Tech provides career networking opportunities for all Georgia Tech alumni and students.
  • Georgia Southern offers continued support in your career development even beyond graduation.


  • Hawai’i provides job search, resume, and interview prep assistance to alumni.


  • Boise State promises life-long access to the Career Center to assist you with your plans to start, transition, or enhance your career.
  • Idaho delivers a one-stop shop for job and internship postings, on-campus interviews, career fairs, career development workshops, and more.


  • Illinois helps alumni with basic job search, interview prep, and Resume services.
  • Illinois at Chicago alumni are encouraged to utilize UIC Career Services resources.
  • Northern Illinois offers programs and resources that position new alumni for career success as they transition from student roles to professional opportunities.
  • Northwestern strives to establish and enhance a mutually beneficial, enduring relationship between Northwestern University and all of its alumni.


  • Ball State helps you explore career options and internships, prepare for your job search, and think about your future.
  • Indiana offers talented and skilled professional coaches for every stage of your career journey and a global reach of more than 600,000 IU alumni.
  • Notre Dame makes available resources, services and tools to support you as you navigate career transitions and stages.
  • Purdue provides alumni with a mechanism to have their resumes forwarded to prospective employers, as well as campus interview eligibility.


  • Iowa is happy to assist students and alumni with your job search needs or helping you connect with campus.
  • Iowa State offers a network of 200,000+ alumni who are available to discuss their careers, companies, communities, or countries with students and fellow alumni.


  • Kansas connects Jayhawks around the world and provides guidance on employment and professional development.
  • Kansas State offers career advising, career training, employer connections, part-time/full-time job listings online, and other employment resources for K-State students and recent graduates.


  • Kentucky provides alumni career counseling to assist active members in person, over the phone or via email.
  • Louisville offers services to alumni who are searching for a job, making a career transition, fine tuning their networking and LinkedIn profile, and need to write or update their resume or CV.
  • Western Kentucky helps with everything from networking and job searching to interview preparation and salary negotiations.


  • Louisiana Lafayette reviews resumes and cover letters, helps with the job search, and connects you with the Ragin’ Cajun network of employers.
  • Louisiana Monroe offers free services for alumni including a variety of skill-based and professional development training.
  • Louisiana Tech offers several resources for alums to take advantage of.
  • LSU assists students and alumni in choosing careers, obtaining career-related work experiences, developing job search skills, and securing employment or admission to school.
  • Tulane offers alumni the ability to connect with each other and with students to develop a strong professional network, and provides resources that will facilitate lifelong career success.


  • Maine alumni registrants are eligible for virtually all the same services available to currently enrolled students.


  • Maryland offers webinars, networking events, job fairs, test prep and a special advising network for one-on-one Terp career connections, among other services.
  • Navy provides a variety of ways for graduate members to take advantage of their service academy affinity, one of the most powerful assets alumni have.


  • Boston College offers a wealth of tools and resources specifically designed to support BC alumni at any point in their career trajectory.
  • Massachusetts welcomes alumni to maintain or open an account on CareerConnect where they can access job listings and find out about upcoming career fairs.


  • Central Michigan assists students and alumni in their career development and decision-making and aid in their acquisition of internships and positions of employment.
  • Eastern Michigan provides resources for alumni seeking a change of career or who have simply wanted to consider their options.
  • Michigan gives cover letter and resume reviews, networking strategies, and access to career-focused events.
  • Michigan State gives free access to the Career Services Network resources, services, and programs for one calendar year after graduation.
  • Western Michigan offers a bevy of resources to WMU alums for help with resume writing, interview prep, and more.


  • Minnesota offers career services for 1-2 years after graduation.


  • Mississippi provides ongoing career development assistance to Ole Miss alumni.
  • Mississippi State alumni who graduated more than two years ago have access to a range of services/events at no charge.
  • Southern Miss assists alums with exploring career options, résumé critique, mock interviewing, and more.


  • Missouri alumni have access to all online resources free of charge as well as career counseling for a nominal fee.


  • Montana helps UMT alums with resume review, career counseling, interview prep, and related career services.


  • Nebraska provides career job search assistance and transition for alumni through their first year after graduation.


  • UNLV educates, prepares, and assists students and alumni in their pursuit of career development and the search for job possibilities.

New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire offers a team of coaches, connectors, and champions for our students and alumni.

New Jersey

  • Rutgers provides career development assistance and resources to Rutgers – New Brunswick alumni.

New Mexico

  • New Mexico provides career advisement, fairs, resource labs, cooperative education, job/internship listings, on-campus recruiting, and workshops.
  • New Mexico State provides alumni with the same comprehensive assistance throughout the course of their careers as to their current students.

New York

  • Army provides alums an opportunity to meet with numerous employers who are interested in hiring service academy graduates.
  • Buffalo offers tools to help you navigate your career, whether you’re making a career transition, looking for a new job or just looking to build your network.
  • Syracuse believes in the importance of life-long learning and continuous personal and professional development for Syracuse University students and alumni.

North Carolina

  • Appalachian State provides assistance with topics including resumes, job searching, networking, interviewing, and more.
  • Charlotte believes in life-long development and the continuous enhancement of our alumni community.
  • Duke provides services, programs, events, online tools and resources for undergraduates, graduate students and alumni up to four years after graduation
  • East Carolina offers many programs and career services specifically for ECU Alumni.
  • NC State provides alumni assistance with resumes, cover letters, interviewing, networking, job searching, and more.
  • North Carolina helps UNC grads with making a career change, interviewing, job searching, and more.
  • Wake Forest educates alumni on how to successfully navigate their personal and professional lives after college.

North Dakota

  • North Dakota State alums can access jobs, customize a job search and research employers.


  • Akron is dedicated to meeting the career planning needs of our students and alumni and the recruiting and hiring needs of employers across the country.
  • Bowling Green assists students and alumni with a variety of career preparation areas including career exploration, resume development and critiques, cover letter development and critiques, and interview preparation.
  • Cincinnati provides career services for all UC alumni and networking opportunities that come from connection to the more than 275,000 alumni worldwide.
  • Kent State hosts networking events throughout the year and provides expert tips on creating a successful resume, interviewing and much more.
  • Miami offers a career education and development program for those who are further along in their career and searching for employment or contemplating a career change.
  • Ohio provides personalized attention through career coaching for exploring major or career options, preparing a resume, or job searching.
  • Ohio State offers several ways to stay in touch with fellow alumni and education on the job search process.


  • Oklahoma offers access to a career management platform that intuitively connects you to relevant job opportunities based on your profile, interests, and search activity
  • Oklahoma State brings career enhancement services and job search resources to OSU Alumni Association members.
  • Tulsa offers a lifetime of help including career planning, pre-interview preparation, job fairs, and evaluating job offers.


  • Oregon provides individual career counseling appointments to alumni up to one year after graduation. Beyond that year, they can direct you to a number of career coaches, many of whom are also Ducks.
  • Oregon State alumni have lifetime access to webinars, in-person and virtual networking opportunities, OSU career fairs and other professional events.


  • Penn State is dedicated to helping all Penn State alumni create a successful career path.
  • Pittsburgh provides career advancement and networking opportunities for current and former Pitt students.
  • Temple connects Temple alumni, students, faculty and staff for professional purposes and to share career-related information.

Rhode Island

  • Rhode Island offers access to a wide variety of complimentary career resources and services.

South Carolina

  • Clemson provides access to an array of career resources for alumni who have been out of school 1-year or longer.
  • Coastal Carolina delivers a variety of career management services for students and alumni.
  • South Carolina engages alumni and provides assistance ih changing careers, preparing to job search or actively seeking new employment.

South Dakota

  • South Dakota provides assistance in the areas of academics, careers, and employment readiness.


  • Memphis provides alumni access to search online job postings, career advising appointments, career fairs, on-campus interviews, and more.
  • Middle Tennessee provides a range of services to aide in your job search.
  • Tennessee alumni may request appointments, participate in on-campus recruiting, attend job fairs, and utilize UT physical as well as online resources.
  • Vanderbilt offers a variety of career planning resources for alumni.


  • Baylor offers personalized career consultation and guidance, resume and cover letter review, job search strategies, and premium resources for both personal and professional development.
  • Houston serves alumni from all colleges on campus and takes pride in providing resources for alumni that can lead to professional growth and successful outcomes.
  • North Texas facilitates career-development, mentoring, and recruiting opportunities for UNT alumni.
  • Rice supports alumni through career counseling services and access to career resources.
  • Texas offers career resources to students, alumni, and Texas Exes members.
  • Texas A&M promotes career learning and development, empowering all Aggies to realize their potential.
  • Texas Christian connects leadership and career opportunities for students, parents, alumni and friends.
  • Texas El Paso assists alumni in their search for professional employment.
  • Texas San Antonio connects alums with consumer-related events, topics, jobs and networking opportunities.
  • Texas State provides job search assistance to students and alums.
  • Texas Tech assists recent graduates and alumni with a variety of career development needs.
  • Southern Methodist provides career counseling, job search assistance, job listings, campus recruiting programs, and networking opportunities to current SMU students and alums.


  • Brigham Young provides job opportunities, networking, and career counseling to their alumni.
  • Utah provides alumni career services for alumni association members.
  • Utah State offers a comprehensive package of services designed to enrich the ongoing career development and success of alumni.


  • Vermont provides resources to help alums navigate the process of career exploration, interviewing, and more.


  • Old Dominion promises free services from the Career Development Services for life.
  • Virginia supports UVA alumni with quality career management resources throughout their careers.
  • Virginia Tech provides alumni the opportunity to browse job postings, network with fellow alumni, grow business contacts, and explore tips and services for professional development.


  • Washington makes resources and services available to address the career development and job search needs of UW alumni.
  • Washington State helps further the careers of fellow Cougars, achieve their career ambitions, increase the value of their WSU degrees, and enhance the business success of Cougar-owned businesses.

West Virginia

  • Marshall offers a broad range of services to assist you in meeting your recruiting and employment goals.
  • West Virginia connects students/alumni with potential employers and is continually expanding its employer network.


  • Wisconsin is made of a community of alumni bringing you networks and opportunities to match your interests.


  • Wyoming provides resume, cover letter, and interview assistance whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced candidate.

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